Nairobi Capsule


In 2015, wax is a fashion must-have worldwide, wore by fashionistas such as Lady Gaga or Rihanna and several renowned fashion brand used it, such as Burberry, Mary Katrantzou or Agnès B.



The story of wax started during the 19th century, when conflicts took place in the Dutch East Indies and pushed Dutch into recruiting assistants on the West African coasts.  They employed Ashanti warriors in the Dutch Gold Coast (the current Ghana), to send them into battles in Sumatra and Borneo. These Dutch riflemen came back to their home country or became merchants, bringing batiks with them.



Ashanti really enjoyed these fabrics. This passion is seen by Europeans as a mean to trade peacefully with these war-like nations. Some factories were built in Great Britain and got inspiration from the Javanese batik skill. They use wax, which explains the name of this fabric.



Dutch retrieved this idea and its name, improved the skill and launched a transcontinental trade. European industrials established in the Gold Coast, in which inhabitants liked they irregulars wax. For them, fabrics are more alive like this.