“Elegance is personality.”

– Petek Kabakci –

Our Venice model is pure romance. It has been named like to refer to Venice Beach, which has been a cultural melting pot for more than half a century, welcoming everyone from hippies to homeless. Living in Venice Beach is living with the essentials, going to the Mar Vista Farmer’s market, as advise Garance Doré, who is now living here.

For centuries, the basket has only been a basketry product made with various materials, osier, rush, chestnut tree and various fibres, among them the fibre of the palm tree.
Our Venice model is inspired by these baskets, on which we have added skin on the bottom and the handles.

One day, a young rich man gave a basket full of rubbish to a poor farmer. The farmer smiled to him and went away with this basket. He drained it, cleaned it and filled it with wonderful flowers. He came back to the rich man place and gave him back the basket, clean and flowery. The young rich man was surprised and replied : “why do you give me this basket full of beautiful flowers while I gave you rubbish ?”. The farmer answered, smiling : “Each people gives what he has in his heart.”

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