Summer Sales

2018 – 2019 Summer collection


The 2018-2019 Summer collection glorifies the simple delights of summer. This collection is marked by a stony spirit. Indeed, the orange, yellow, brown and gold colors tend to remind us about the summer heat and mineral materials. The blue and turquoise tons bring something refreshing within the collection, just like the sea does during the holidays. So this collection alludes to sunny rocky landscapes through diversified colors and clever texture combinations.



Mimicking the shining sand under the sun, our Tribeca is covered by several golden specks. At its bottom, blue fringes escort its sparkling. Actually, this bag is a poetic tribute to the sea running alongside the sand dunes.

As you may have guessed, our 2018 summer collection creations are an invitation to refocus on the physicality and the nature of the elements. It is way to go back to the roots. With this collection, we chose to return to an easy way of life contrary to the trend of complex spiritual pathways. After all, there is no better season as summer to live the “Dolce Vita” !



And you, what will your summer look like ?

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