A luxury brand, a cult movie: Rosebud, a vintage and personal atmosphere

« Rosebud »
In 1940, a man dies, alone in his Xanadu manor, and murmurs in his last breath.

Why does the millionaire Charles Foster Kane give so much importance to this specific word ? What does Rosebud conceal ?

That is what we try to discover thanks to the journalist Thompson during Orson Welles’ first movie, Citizen Kane.

Through her brand, Armelle T.C. pays tribute to the 1940’s cinema. Not only this name conveys a vintage atmosphere that Armelle is fond of, but Rosebud also means a lot for each one of us.

Rosebud is a mystery. A rosebud is beautiful, delicate, it protects a flower, a secret, a part of ourselves, something beautiful, something personal. Each one of us hides a dark side, a breakable part, a piece of personal history, secrets that make everyone unique.

Even though Thompson does not manage to understand the meaning of Rosebud, as the audience, we see the little sledge on which Kane was playing when his parents decided to send him to a new family to offer him a better childhood…

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